5 Unknown Email Tools That Will Help You to Develop and Promote Your Work

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I’ve been a geek since I was a kid. I remember playing Arkanoid with my parents’ Spectrum when I was very small. I’ve been a technology seeker since then, always looking for useful tools that make my life easier (and cooler).

This passion for technology allows me to discover amazing things that are unknown to most people.
Today I bring you some of those discoveries related to emails.

The first email was sent in the ‘70s.
And even though email has become the most important communication tool for our businesses, the way we send emails nowadays hasn’t changed too much since then.

Here are 5 free email tools that will help you to use email in a better way. 

Mailtrack for Gmail

Perhaps you are familiar with the double check feature in apps like Whatsapp.

You can get the same in your Gmail. You will know when your recipient opens your email.
You can also get notifications every time the email is opened with some useful information such as the location or the device from where it was opened.
To use Mailtrack, you must be a user of Gmail or Google Apps and install the Google Chrome extension.

Download Mailtrack for Gmail

Voila Norbert

Find anyone’s email address.
Just type the name of the person and the associated domain.
Norbert will give you the emails. It works like magic!
This tool is awesome to find the emails of the art directors and other clients you would like to work for.

Use Voila Norbert

Email Hunter

This one works a bit different from Voila Norbert. It gives you all the emails associated with a website. It works better for small websites.
Type the URL of a website, get all the associated emails. Simple.

Use Email Hunter

Canned Emails

We send dozens of emails every day.
Canned Emails helps you to send effective emails using canned responses.
There are a variety of canned emails to choose from, including how to be polite and effective asking someone to pay you back, ask questions, or ask for advice.

Just click on the kind of canned response you need and your email client will be opened with the canned response. It will be ready to be filled and sent.

Use Canned Emails

Talk Walker Alerts

Enter a term (a name, a compound name or even a sentence), and you will get an email every time it appears on the internet.
This is very useful to get notified when someone is talking about you, or to get updates from other people or words you want to follow.

Use Talk Walker Alerts

I use those tools almost every day and they certainly help me to use email in a better way.
Hope you find them useful!

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  1. oh wow! very useful tools!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. I’m not a geek. Well, actually, I’m a book geek, but technology? Not at all. I didn’t even know those things were possible!
    Gracias Magoz! Super util!

    • I’m also a book geek! Especially since I use a Kindle Paperwhite!! :-)
      My pleasure to discover and bring you useful tools!!
      Nos vemos por aquí entonces :-)

  3. You are the best for sharing these useful tips! Happy Birthday!

  4. Oh! wow, com mola! molt interessant. We’ll follow you ^_^

  5. Great, thanks for links! Days of tracing those elusive creatures called Art Directors are gone, hopefully.

  6. E
    Errata Carmona

    No conocía Mailtrack, es perfecto. Muchas gracias Magoz.

    Un saludo!

  7. Superb tool collection Mágoz!
    We’d have saved a couple of extra work hours if we had known some of them a few years ago hahahahahaha
    Un fuerte abrazo maner :)

    • Thanks Bro!
      Hahaha I know, I remember the countless evenings trying to figure out how the things worked… fantastic memories :-)

      Otro abrazo transoceánico!!

  8. Super useful list! Just activated a bunch of these services for myself, thanks Magoz!
    On another note, have you heard of
    There is some neat stuff that can be done with email there as well (and so much more!)

    Keep up this excellent blog!

    • Thanks for adding useful content to the blog, Laurie!
      Ifttt is amazing, I use a lot of recipes to automate my workflows.
      What are your favourite ones?

      I will post an article about the ones I use soon.
      Stay tuned! :-)

  9. Thanks a lot! Love your work, the blog and the features! Looking forward for more :)


  10. D

    Oh my gosh, you made my day!

  11. Gracias por tu generosidad y claridad. Estas herramientas son muy útiles para toda persona que utilice el correo electrónico aunque sea sólo un poco como yo.

  12. Wow, gracias!! Estuve en tu Masterclass el jueves pasado en Ilustratour – pero perdí la última parte porque me tuve que ir. Ya estoy aplicando algunos de tus consejos a mi workflow – un millón de gracias por compartir tanto!

    • Muchas gracias a ti por venir!
      Me alegro mucho de que encuentres mi workflow útil para tu manera de trabajar.
      Seguiré publicando muchas más cosas a partir de setiembre.

  13. What mailing list client do you use?

  14. Hola majo! ¿Por qué parte del mundo andas? ^_^

    I only wanted to add Boomerang for Gmail:

    With this Gmail extension you can schedule emails to be sent whenever you want. Very useful for me with my students from other parts of the World with a big time difference.

    Un abrazo!
    io Bru

    Pd. Estaba cotilleando tu blog para seleccionar los mejores posts y recomendárselos a mis alumnos, jeje. ¡Sigue escribiendo y compartiendo, plis!

    • Hola Io!! Pues estoy a las puertas de dejar Madrid y empezar una nueva aventura en Helsinki. ¿Dónde paras tú?
      Gracias por el aporte. Boomerang es un gran plugin, lo he utilizado muchas veces y funciona genial.

      Muchas gracias por tus palabras y apoyo, tendré que seguir escribiendo entonces :-)
      ¡Un abrazo!

      • Qué guay tío, qué vaya genial por allí. Yo estuve recorriendo Finlandia un tiempo, es un país duro de pelar, pero tú tienes una buena guía :)

        Yo no soy tanto de irme a vivir, pero llevo un buen año de viajazos, jeje. En breve me voy a Islandia, y luego en noviembre y diciembre a Escocia y Alemania respectivamente. Como me gusta viajar despacio, me suelo quedar en cada sitio bastante tiempo.

        Es una pena que no hayamos coincidido más en el espacio/tiempo porque me encantaría saber más de tu vida nómada. Desde luego para mi es lo mejor de tener este tipo de trabajos que tenemos, pero veo que no mucha gente lo aprovecha…

        Yo estoy muy tentada de empezar una vuelta al mundo sin fecha de vuelta el año que viene, pero aún necesito solucionar unas cuantas cosas. Además he descubierto esto: y me encanta el concepto porque me permite compaginar mi trabajo con hacer otras cosas interesantes a cambio de alojamiento gratis. Quiero empezar yendo a las Lofoten un mes o dos a vivir, a ayudar en un proyecto muy chulo. Ya me han dicho que sí, así que a ver, a ver…! Y de ahí a lo mejor ya pego el salto a las Américas ^_^

        Bueno, te deseo mucha suerte en tu nueva aventura. ¡Abrazo y seguimos en contacto!

        • ¡Wow! ¡Qué añazo de viajes te estás pegando!
          Disfruta a tope de todos los viajes. Seguro que coincidimos en algún lugar, es lo bueno de viajar :-)

          Lo de workaway tiene muy buena pinta. Algunas personas me han hablado muy bien de este tipo de volutariados. Ya me contarás qué tal si lo acabas haciendo.

          Un abrazo bien grande Io, y disfruta al máximo de Islandia, Escocia, Alemania y todo lo que está por venir.
          ¡Seguimos en contacto!

  15. Thanks Magoz. This is great information. I am going to try it out now that I am getting back on track and organized. I am a photographer but all this applies to me too since our workflow is very similar. I meet you at the Adobe Creative cloud meet up online. You are doing a great job. Your creativity has no limits. By the way I used an App called Contacts Optimizer for organizing my contacts on my phone and worked great. Now I have all my contacts in Gmail. And I also recomend to put double security on your gmail account so that you get a phone SMS with a code everytime you log in from a device that way your account will not get hacked and loose all your clients like it happened to me before. Aloha bro

  16. Hi Magoz

    thanks so much for sharing all those great tricks, very helpful! thanks!

  17. Great tools, I tried couple of them!

    Have you heard of ( as an email finder tool?

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