This xkcd comic describes me perfectly.
The truth hurts.


Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.
— Allen Saunders.

So much has happened in the last few months.

I’ve been traveling, giving talks, workshops, and having exhibitions. Sometimes, visiting up to 5 different countries within a month, while working on some big comissions.

At some point, I felt like I had too much on my plate, and I decided to take a serious hiatus from the blog, social media, and many other things.

I’m still digesting everything, but feeling like it’s time.
After many months, I’m back.

Drawing Tool

I’ve been working on a new website with a built-in drawing tool.
Try it, you can submit your drawings to a guestbook!

The guestbook is not public yet, but it will be soon.

All the drawings can be played as a timelapse.
It’s so fun to see what you guys are drawing!

guestbook drawing
guestbook drawing
guestbook drawing
guestbook drawing
guestbook drawing

“Enlightenment is when the wave realizes it is the ocean.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Elegant Solutions

Refinement and simplicity are implied, rather than fussiness, or ostentation.

An elegant solution, often referred to in relation to problems in disciplines such as mathematics, engineering, and programming, is one in which the maximum desired effect is achieved with the smallest, or simplest effort.

Engineers, for example, seek the elegant solution as a means of solving a problem with the least possible waste of materials and effort. The elegant solution is also likely to be accomplished with appropriate methods and materials.


That's all I aspire with my work.
(The word effort can be misleading, I'd use resources instead).

Some thoughts after a conversation with my friend Raúl Gil.