Daily log

Log Update

I've implemented the basic functionality of Log.

I can now add, edit, and delete logs. I've implemented a rating system to track how much time I've spent on the task (available daily time, from 1 to 10), and how was my mood before and after the task.

I've also implemented suggestions for Area and Projects, so most of the times I won't have to type.

Adding a new log entry takes me about 5 seconds.

I'm now working on the design. I want to add graphs to visualize my logs.

Building My Own Daily Log System

Last year I started building an operating system for my life and studio. It already has some neat features like keeping track of my income, doing accounting, and managing my projects.

Now I'm building my own daily log system.
It will be a super fast and simple (but powerful) way of tracking my daily activity.

My daily log system is inspired by my fellow time travelers Devine, Josh, Victor, and Rutherford.

daily log system