Daily productivity


This xkcd comic describes me perfectly.
The truth hurts.

Inspirational Productivity

I'm reviewing my productivity system.

Doing some research, I found this great article by Nat Eliason.

He shares his own productivity system and covers almost every area — planning, organizing the week, organizing the day, reviewing, and many other tips.

Each month, I’ll pick three goals to focus on. These are the goals I think will make the biggest impact in my life, that I’ll be happiest if I get done this month.

They’re also the things I think I’ll be unlikely to do if I don’t set a specific goal for them. I’ll always pull them from my annual goals and their next steps, to make sure that I’m staying on track for the bigger goals I’m aiming towards.

— Nat Eliason.

Our productivity systems are quite different, but I'm sure I'll borrow some ideas from his approach.