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Magoz Playlist for Productive Work
Written by Magoz
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I almost always listen to music or podcasts while I work.
Music helps me to create a great atmosphere which is indispensable to be productive and enjoy my work.

A few months ago I bought the Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones.
And it ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made. They have active noise cancellation and produce an immersive experience. This allows me to focus on what I’m doing without hearing anything around, no matter if I’m at home or anywhere else.

Music is definitely a key element to my day-to-day and my working process.

My Working Playlist

I choose what to listen to depending on what I need: energy, concentration, motivation, or just entertainment. But most of the time I listen to my working playlist, which consists of a mixture of styles, moods, and decades.

Today I’m sharing that playlist with you.
You can add it to your Spotify or just listen to it below.

I spend time every week finding new artists and songs for my playlists, so you can expect me to keep it updated.

Happy listening!

• • •

What do you listen to when you work? 
Share your playlists in the comments so we can all discover new music!

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  1. Thanks Magoz to share your playlist, I’m always looking for new experiences for my ears during work process. Have a nice day! :)

  2. EI MAGOZ!

    Com va? Em vaig subscriure als teus mails i et vaig llegint, i seguin el treu treball de tant en quant, felicitats pel bon treball que fas! Al principi em va costar rel.lacionar-te, pero desprès vaig veure que eres tu, el que pintaves graffiti. Jo soc la Shana, no se si te’n recordaràs.

    Bé, sense més enrotllar-me, vaig a escoltar la teva llista del spotify haha ;) et deixo aquí la meva, a verure que tal:

    Salut i virtud!

    • Hola!! Clar que me n’enrecordo de tu! Com va tot? El graffiti queda lluny, però amb molt bons records :-)

      Moltes gràcies per compartir la teva playlist, l’he mirada per sobre i veig que tenim gustos similars.


  3. Hey Magoz!
    Really nice playlist as far as I listened to it. Check out my chillout music for productive work.
    Here is a link to spotify:
    Listen and tell me what you think ;)

  4. Jo per a treballar escolto música animada. Sobretot swing :)

  5. Hoy me pongo tu lista para currar. A ver qué tal! Gracias por compartir.

  6. Por cierto, esta es mi lista de música para ponerme creativa:

  7. Thank you Magoz for this play list. Good choice ;) I listen a lot of music genres. But when I have to find idea or solution about a brief, my favorite ambiance is classical music and especially Chopin’s Nocturnes.

  8. First time poster, long time reader. Many thanks Magoz.

    My most recent “work” playlist.

    And one for chilling, Sunday afternoons or dinner parties..

  9. k

    Hi Magoz thank you for sharing your playlist.
    It is first time for me to use spotify!

    • I started a few months ago and I’m not gooing back. Spotify rocks!
      Before that, I used iTunes and, most recently, Apple Music. But Apple Music and iTunes Match messed up my library (lots of duplicates and missing songs), so I definitely switched to Spotify. Enjoy, Kako!

      • I agree that iTunes and Apple Music messed up library. I use Spotify everyday so useful :D Thank you, Magoz !

  10. R

    I’m a huge fan of audiobooks and podcasts, but when I do listen to music, I prefer stuff without vocals for the most part. I really like B. Fleischmann for getting into the work zone, and sometimes the only thing that will get me through a long day of Illustrator + AE, is Lemon Jelly.

    Check this out at some point to see what B. Fleischmann is all about:

    • That’s fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Rafael!

      • Interestingly enough, 24:25 of that song has always reminded me of ‘Heroin’ by The Velvet Underground, which I see is on your list. Good stuff!

        • I’ve been listening to B. Fleischmann during the last few days and I love his music. Thank you very much for sharing, Rafael!

  11. Si ya admiraba tu increíble trabajo y este generosísimo blog ahora lo hago más por pensar que eres capaz de trabajar con el sonido de la sitar.

    Acá una playlist sin apenas voz humana, el único instrumento que creo me distrae más que la sitar. :)


    • ¡Fantástica lista, Gustavo! Ya tienes a un nuevo escuchante.
      El sitar es hipnótico, pero a la vez llena de energía, trabajar junto a Ravi es un placer :-)

      ¡Un abrazo!

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