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Process behind Creating My Illustrations (Video)

Written by Magoz
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This is the very first video of the series Behind the Scenes where I share the process of creating my illustrations. I’ve tried to speed it up and keep it short.

The image was created for DLUI Magazine, for an article about How to have a fit penis.

The process of creating my images is very intuitive. It’s based on trial and error, and I go back and forth until I find the results that satisfy me.

Would you like to see more videos showing the process behind my images? Any suggestions or feedback to improve the video?
Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great! Very educational. Thanks for sharing your creation process.
    It is interesting to know your way to illustrate to compare with their own.

  2. Hipnótico! Buena elección mucical! Un saludo Magoz!

  3. A

    Muy interesante, como todo lo que haces. :)

  4. Que sufrimiento con las mangas!!
    Bona feina!

    • Soy un sufridor nato, lo de las mangas no es nada comparado con las manos y pies jejeje, ya verás en los videos que voy a ir subiendo, lo rehago todo 1000 veces.

  5. P

    Gracias Magoz, me encantó ver cómo ibas cambiando cosas. Muy tranquilizador. Cuál fue el tiempo real? Saludos!

    • ¡Muchas gracias, Paola! Pues el tiempo que tardé desde que empecé el final fue entorno a 3 horas, aunque es difícil de decir porque hay pausas.

  6. Nice that you share! Great image. Music choice perfecto – por quien?

  7. Gracias por mostrar el proceso. Me parece muy interesante y me encanta la combinación de colores. ¡Hasta pronto!

  8. Thanks for sharing!
    It was a great video — but maybe just a little too fast for my eyes.
    It’d also be great to see the steps before you get to illustrator (whether it is scanning a sketch or something else).

    Thanks again, I love how much you share your work.

    • Thanks for your feedback Johan!
      I agree, I received the same feedback from several people via email. I will try to keep the video between 3 and 5 minutes next time. And thanks also for the before steps, I’m already working on a couple of articles covering that :-)

  9. Excellent! I love ur work. Actually i came by an illustration of yours about 4 years ago accidentally (before i even started out the graphic design life chapter) and saved it in my mac but had no idea who created it. After a couple years the pieces of the puzzle came together and ever since i ve been following ur work. Keep inspiring us. Video was educational – one small request, maybe a bit slower the next one? I d like to see which tools u use mostly.many many thanx.

    • Yup! Quite agree!
      A more slow speed (just a bit)… would allow us to understand better the process.

    • Thanks, for your support, Maria! I’m so glad you saved that image 4 years ago :-)
      Thanks for your feedback, I will definitely keep the video between 3 and 5 minutes next time. I’m also considering creating small videos focusing on particular parts of the process rather than the whole process.

  10. H

    Wow, realmente se puede aprender mucho de este tipo de videos, sobre todo en el caso de quienes están empezando en el mundillo de la ilustración.

    En hora buena por esta iniciativa! Desde ya… ya ando esperando por mas videos de esta serie.

    • ¡Gracias, Hanu! Voy a ver si puedo exprimir el formato video y aportar más valor.
      ¡Un abrazo!

      • Por cierto, recuerdas a Neil Buchanan y sus Big Art Attacks?
        Podrías utilizar la misma lógica para estos videos, es decir mostrar partes aisladas de la ilustración, mantener la espectativa y rematar todo con la imagen completa de la ilustración.

        Cuando tengas tiempo, dale un vistazo a este video ;)

        • ¡Una idea exquisita, Hanu! Muchas gracias, voy a ver si lo puedo implemnetar en una de mis próximas ilustraciones.
          ¡Un abrazo!

  11. Awesome work.

  12. c

    Thanks for sharing Magoz, it’s very interesting!

  13. lovely blog posts, keep it up :)

  14. Thank you for sharing some your process! Great video. I would be interested is seeing more of the behind the scenes as well as more of your thought process for representing concepts visually.

  15. What is the music? Loved it.

  16. S

    Catching up your blog posts after being on holidays, and loved this insight into your process. So cool to watch your intuitive process in action. I think many illustrators work this way, but I rarely see this in video — Very cool!

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