I like technology, discovering tools, and optimizing my workflow. I love testing new ways to make my life easier.

I created this page to share with you the list of the tools and resources I use every day. These tools help make my work and life easier and more productive.

I’ve also included a list of books that have influenced my life somehow.
You can use the index to go straight to the category that interests you.

I’ll keep this list updated with new tools and resources as I find them. Subscribe here and I’ll let you know when I update it.

If you are looking for a particular type of tool or resource, and you don’t find it on this page, let me know.


These are the tools I use to create my illustrations.

  • Procreate
    I sketch using an iPad Pro 9.7″, the Apple Pencil and Procreate. This powerful setup allows me to sketch from everywhere. Procreate has all the basic drawing tools and functions I need to create my sketches.
  • Adobe Illustrator
    I switched to vector illustration in 2016, and Illustrator allows me to create my final illustrations quickly and precisely.
  • GuideGuide
    This is my favorite plugin ever for creating automatic guides in one click. It has versions for Illustrator and Photoshop.
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  • Logitech MX Master
    When I switched to vector Illustrator, it was clear I needed a mouse. The Logitech MX Master is the best mouse I’ve ever had. It’s very comfortable; it has customizable buttons, and it’s very precise.

Business Management

These are the tools I use to manage my business.

  • Dropbox
    I have my entire file structure inside Dropbox. I have all my devices synced, and I can access any file from anywhere at anytime. Dropbox also works as a backup system.
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  • Evernote
    I use Evernote to store any piece of information I want to keep. It’s an extension of my brain and my digital storehouse and library.
    Some examples: official documents, an updated library of all the artists and illustrators I follow, blog posts, color libraries, travel documents, recipes, interviews, quotes, among many other things.
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  • Trello
    I use Trello to manage my blog editorial calendar and several aspects of my business. But I also use Trello to plan things with Elina, keep track of our favorite places, and as a shopping list app.
  • Google Sheets
    I use Google Sheets to track my assignments, earnings, clients, expenses, and much more.


These are the tools I use to organize myself and make sure I get things done.

  • Wunderlist
    I rely on Wunderlist to manage my tasks. I organize my to-dos in several lists, and I can set reminders and due dates. Wunderlist allows me to know what I need to do every day.
  • Calendar
    All my calendars are saved on Google Calendar and synced with the app Calendar on Mac and Calendars 5 on iOs. I use the calendar for appointments, meetings and deadlines.
  • Bose QuietComfort 35
    Buying these Bose headphones has been one of the best decisions I ever made. They have active noise cancellation, which allows me to focus on what I’m doing without hearing anything around me. I also use them every day to listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I go for my daily walk.


These are the tools I use to communicate with my clients, my readers, and my team.

  • Inbox by Google
    Inbox is the successor of Gmail. You can still use both on the same account. I like Inbox because it treats emails as tasks.
    Some of my favorite features are the option to snooze emails, bundle them, and preview all the attachments without opening the emails. Inbox is still under development, and I continue to use Gmail for certain tasks, but they are adding new features frequently.
  • Mailtrack
    Mailtrack adds the ability to Gmail to check if the recipient has opened your email. It adds two ticks next to each email, so you can quickly know if it has been opened.
    To use Mailtrack, you must be a user of Gmail or Google Apps and install the Google Chrome extension.
  • Unroll.Me
    Unroll.Me helps to declutter your email. It scans your inbox and provides a list of your subscriptions emails. You can unsubscribe from all the unwanted ones with a click. It works like magic.
  • ActiveCampaign
    I use ActiveCampaign to send the weekly email to my subscribers. I started with MaiClhimp, which has a free plan, but ActiveCampaign has more advanced features.
  • Slack
    I use Slack for team communication because email is not effective in those cases. Slack brings all your communication together in one place and includes attachments and integrations with Dropbox, Gmail, Skype and many other services. It’s very easy to search, organize and optimize your conversations.
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I travel a lot, and these tools make everything easier.

  • WorldNomads
    Safety first – it’s one of the most important things when you travel. WorldNomads provides affordable insurance that cover you and your luggage. You can travel to unlimited countries with the same insurance.
  • TripIt
    With TripIt, you can centralize all your travel information such as travel documents, plans, flights, hotel reservations, or notes in one place. It also notifies you when the online check-in is available, or your flight is delayed.
  • The Base Trip
    The Base Trip provides you all the essential information you need when you are planning to visit a foreign country. Currency, plug system, cost of living, tipping best practices, and other relevant information.


I have always liked writing, but I’m writing a lot more since I started the blog. These tools are making my experience much better.

  • Grammarly
    I’m not an English native speaker, and I make a lot of mistakes. My English level is far for being perfect. Grammarly helps me to correct and improve the way I write. It points out my mistakes, wrong prepositions, better synonyms and offers many other suggestions.
  • Ommwritter
    Ommwriter provides the best immersive writing experience I’ve ever had. It eliminates the distractions and allows you to focus. It has some cool features like keyboard sounds, ambient music and inspiring backgrounds.


I love reading books and blogs. These are a few tools that enhance the experience.

  • Feedly
    Reading other blogs has changed my life and has given me much of the knowledge I have. Instead of checking all the blogs I follow for new content, I add them on Feedly. In that way, I receive all the updates in one place. I don’t miss out anything, and I have many interesting articles to read every day.
  • Pocket
    When I discover something on the internet, or someone sends me a link, I don’t read it immediately; I send it to Pocket. When I have time, I check my Pocket list, and I read everything I previously saved for later. In that way, I don’t kill my productivity, and I don’t miss out anything.
  • Kindle Voyage
    When I bought a Kindle Paperwhite, my reading habits changed drastically. I read almost every day, and it allows me to carry as many books as I want. I can get new books at any moment, and it comes with an integrated dictionary and translator. Another cool feature is that I can read when it’s dark without any lights. After some years, I upgraded to a Kindle Voyage, and I couldn’t be happier with it.
  • Goodreads
    Goodreads is the biggest database of books on the internet. I can discover books easily. I also have rated lists of books and a wish list of those I want to read. If you like reading, Goodreads is a must.


This is the list of books that have influenced my life somehow.

  • Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
    Probably the book that has influenced me the most. It’s about seeking and moving on. I find myself reflecting in different ways every time I read it again.
  • Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
    It’s very short, and it was written 2000 years ago, but I find true wisdom on every single page of it.
  • Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
    This book taught me a lot about the power of having a purpose and meaning in life, but also about courage. Even in the worst of the circumstances, our attitude is a choice, and that changes everything.
  • Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson
    This is the first book that made me realize how dangerous the comfort zone is. It also taught me a few things about curiosity and activity vs. passivity.
  • On The Road by Jack Kerouac
    This book motivated me to start traveling and taught me that being foolish and wandering around is also necessary for your personal development.
  • Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
    Steve Jobs has influenced my life in many ways. This biography taught me many things I didn’t know about him, his life and his story. It encouraged me to follow my dreams and listen to my inner voice. Steve Jobs was a genius and a visionary, but also a controversial person.
  • Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson
    This is another excellent biography by Walter Isaacson that helps you understand how Einstein’s mind worked. It also shows how important he was and what he accomplished in a very comprehensive way.